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Dark Forces

Dark Forces


Anna Jordan Project


"Dark Forces is the music video of the track Dark Forces on the album "Hybrid Dimension II."

Standing on the boat, the sun was rising and she could feel the cold wind on her face. The ocean was peacefully moving, slowly in perfect harmony. Soon they would reach the island. With joyful anticipation they could already see it.

Weeks passed but the size of the island wouldn’t grow, it seemed that it didn’t matter what they did, they weren’t moving forward. Unnoticeably days were becoming shorter, the nights longer until everything was in complete darkness. Fights for the glowing stones and power started, and self-declared leaders established the wrong rules.

Suddenly everything was trembling and shaking with a loud noise. The boat had run aground. Under the rocks they discovered the ruins of a past empire. After a while, the stones weren’t glowing anymore. Everybody started to lose the sense of time and memories of faces faded until they became nothing but voices in the dark. They sounded more and more distressed and less human, some disappeared into the ocean forever.

She used to go back up to the boat, where in the cold darkness she would listen to the stories of the galaxy above. It was certainly a mistake that she was being trapped in a place, where she did not belong.

But there is a sort of light, so small that it can only be seen in the deepest darkness. It wasn’t there at the boat or ruins, where everybody was looking for it. It was inside of all of them.

When she realized the light was in herself, standing on the rocks, she tore her chest apart. The ray of light from her chest lifted her body up, then crashed down into the waters and disappeared. Once again darkness engulfed everything.

Soon little spots started to light up. All over the black ocean the hearts of the floating dead, people of the past millennium started to shine.

The ocean dried up and on its soil trees sprouted out of the wizened bodies. The ruins of the past empire broke open and seeds from the future were falling from the blue sky. The rivers were filled with fish and on their shores children were playing. And where once time seemed to have stopped, the present became one with the first dimension, which started with the hopeful excitement of new exotic expeditions. "








Animation, Music Video

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