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You can submit a maximum amount of 2 film projects during a festival edition. If you wish to submit your project again if it wasn’t selected in one of the previous competitions, you need to know that it is possible judging by our festival rules.  


Refunds and submission withdrawals are possible, but only before receiving the Selected/Not Selected notification via FilmFreeway. 


Every film category comes with an entry fee that varies depending on the category and entry deadline.



Specific project length requirements can be found within the FilmFreeway ‘Categories & fees’ tab. 


These are guidelines to help you to better decide if your project is fit:


Trailer - up to 5 minutes

Music Video - up to 10 minutes

Short Film - up to 35 minutes 

Featurette - 35-60 minutes 

Feature - 60-140 minutes



Submissions format 


WE PREFER SECURE ONLINE SUBMISSIONS IN HIGH DEFINITION. Not only is this a more environmentally friendly method for us, but it also allows your film to be reviewed by our screeners/reviewers as quickly as possible. 


We only accept films released after 2016 that come in 1080p Full-HD. Films with a poor production standard (lack of sound quality, absence of subtitles/captions for non-English films, video resolution less than 1080p will not be accepted. Any genre and format is accepted.





All non-English language films must be subtitled in English (excepting music videos). 

We will require separate English subtitles from all the films selected for the Official Screening. The subtitles will need to come together with the screening file at least a week before the screening date. 




'Bucharest Film Awards' is a competitive event and unless notified otherwise, all films officially selected are eligible for competition. 

For a list of competitive categories, please see our Awards page. 

All films are nominated and voted upon by a jury of film professionals, from an independent point of view. 

All genres and formats are considered eligible for nomination in one or more competitive categories.  


Quality is a requirement, this is why we will not accept films with a poor production standard (lack of sound quality, absence of subtitles/captions for non-English films, video resolution less than 1080p HD). 

All entries must be available for screening during the festival.   


For films chosen to be screened at the Bucharest Film Awards, we require a download link to your submission or you must send a full quality 1080p/DCP file/35mm/Blu-ray/DVD no later than 1 week prior to the festival screening. 


From 2021 we offer online screening opportunities to all the films qualified for Official Competition .


Keep in mind that this IS NOT A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT for joining the festival and online screenings will only be provided WITH THE PRIOR PERMISSION granted by the filmmaker. 


Our Online Catalogue will be offered in partnership with, a highly secured streaming platform, where you can introduce your content to a worldwide audience. 


Film Review 


We believe in the power of constructive critique, so we designed the option to receive a professional film review from our experts in order to provide you detailed feedback on your work. Filmmakers can request the professional review, which includes the entry of the project in the Official Competition as well. The review will be officially listed on our platform per request, also made public on social media channels if needed.




The Screenplay Competition runs on two yearly seasons and will be available exclusively through FilmFreeway. The competition is open to screenplays of any genre, up to 120 pages. Filmmakers can submit a maximum of two screenplays per edition and only one can receive the ‘Screenplay Award’. 


There will be quarter finalists, semi finalists and finalists out of which a winner and two finalists will be announced and awarded. The detailed list with awards and prizes can be found in the ‘Awards and Prizes’ section.


Disclaimer and rights 


Submission of any entry provides Bucharest Film Awards the permission to have excerpts of accepted work, including film trailers, shown in all promotional activities related to the festival. 


We will not publish the whole film on our website, nor will we require exclusivity for our screening event.  


Festival does not deal with any copyright issues. All copyright issues should be resolved by the film authors. 

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless us, our officers, affiliates, employees, and partners from any and all claims and liability arising out of entering or transmitting your film to the Bucharest Film Awards. 


Filmmakers and screenwriters retain 100% all of the rights to their projects and materials that they submit to the Bucharest Film Awards.




Films selected for the Film Competition will be notified within the timeframe announced on Filmfreeway. If there will be any changes, everyone will be contacted in advance, in order to ensure a smooth selection process. 




Filmmakers are allowed to use Bucharest Film Awards laurels on their projects related to this festival. The laurels can be used on any format of posters, visuals, or any sort of media available. After announcing the Official Selection, you will receive an email from the festival, containing the laurels, news & benefits of being part of the Official Selection.

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