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With an expandable 40 seats creative cinema room, we created a perfect symbiosis between functional and aesthetic. The screenings will be run and supervised by the experienced BFA's tech specialists in order to make sure that your film will sound and run in top notch conditions. 

Its urban design includes old and new - reclaimed wood furniture, fresh pieces and original brick walls - that give new life and tell a new story of the beautiful one-hundred-year-old house on Negustori 26.

A hidden gem in the middle of the city, where the day starts with a good coffee, where the breakfast may be enjoyed at dinner, where lunch is tasty and evenings end with a glass of wine. A place where strangers become friends, just like in the movies! 

Simbio, this urban feels-like-home oasis in the heart of Bucharest, has been supporting creative expression in all forms ever since day one.

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