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directed by Trent Cliffe & Lily Connor

Emily has been dumped by Tom and, in an attempt to take control over the situation, she puts on the "crazy bitch" mask, being prepared for everything: spy on her ex all night long and, if something goes wrong, she always can switch on Plan B and use that rope she keeps on the back seat of her car.

And like any other silly plans, this one desperately needs the help of a trustworthy friend, so she asks Tiffany, perhaps her BFF, to come with her on a "stake out". Right after she jumps in the car, the obvious contrast between these two characters makes the scene a really funny one to watch: Emily, with her burgler mask on, looks like she is ready to make a robbery on the next corner of the street, while Tiffany, having a glass of white wine in each hand "just for the ride", is ready to get the party started, as she thought the "steak out" was supposed to be the name of that new club.

The story is definitely an amusing one, thanks to the appealing personalities of the characters and especially for that unexpected plot twist from the final scene. With the action taking place mostly in a car, the quality of the sound is quite nice, making the dialogues intelligible, while the low-key lighting provides the setting an atmosphere typically for an action/mystery film.

Being simple but very well done, this short story can improve your mood in just a couple of seconds, so if you want to have a good laugh, you definitely need to watch this one.

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