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short film

The Same Story.jpg


directed by Alice Airoldi

There are more features in this short film that we adore. As you can guess from even a first look, it's the fantastic scenography that catches the viewer's eye. All the costumes and decors used are next level and reminds us of the attention to detail that Wes Anderson has in his films.

At a professional level, the production was stunning, and we could only praise and hope more people have the chance to see it and take notes from the aesthetics and atmosphere this crew managed to shape through this short film. The screenplay juggles words behind visuals and builds up into an intense narration of memories, a recall of past events, and a hardship present. This piece of cinematography evolves frame by frame. It becomes emotionally and very engaging until the end, becoming a memorable short film and a milestone in how all short films should be taken seriously for awards and nominations.

The cinematography captures thoughts and emotions. We couldn't think a short film is capable of such a short period. The frames, angles, and internal tension of each scene are spectacular and Netflix worth or even bigger screens. We're thrown in the middle of a trial, and we try to gather all the puzzle pieces and make connections like the main characters of this story. Through filmmaking techniques, we feel involved and part of the action from the first minutes, and it reaches to communicate further beyond the development of the trial. The editing follows both narrative lines in parallel, as the story's universes sync themselves to the rhythm of the action in the past. Well done, the sound recording and the sound design go hand in hand and delivers a sparkling clear dialogue that goes unobserved through the whole screening. This particular detail signifies that the sound crew's work was so smooth and well done that it underlined perfectly and reached to bring together the entire story without bothering the mood. And this shows a very mature understanding of things and a profound sensibility of the film's creators.

The casting was a significant part of this project. The young adults have the story in their hands and make it easy to play and follow, having this wise, genuine temper in handling the whole situation. They managed to enter their roles with a charismatic perspective, and we can see that they enjoy and identify well with the characters they play. They have benefited from indications well given by the director, and their bond is undoubtedly real. After watching this short film, the feeling we have is kindred with the one we have after watching 12 Angry Men (d. Sydney Lumet, 1957). It's enough to have all these actors in the same setting and concentrating on their grimace and conflicts to watch this film and still stay interested until the end.

'The Same Story'' has an authentic narrative fiction taste and is unbelievably well-framed, emotionally acted, and superbly backed by the trial's story. It's equally entertaining as it is meaningful and original in its approach and the young students' direct involvement and best friend group. Outstanding, sensitive achievement for such a short film!

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film review by

Ligia Prodan

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