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directed by Jose L. Reyes

Right from the very beginning, the viewer's attention is drawn by the colorful credits that have the shape of a neon bar sign and from this point we could’ve guessed that this film is going to be slightly different from others. Starting as a road movie, the director develops a humorous story that is meant to mock the classic western films by adding a bit of pop influence and the result is as funny as it could get.

The plot is full of unexpected moments and characters, one more dubious than another. They are built in a very interesting way, being impossible to imagine them in a different setting, because they become almost an extension of that (overused in the regular westerns) cheap kind of motel where the main action is stated. Amongst the characters that offer a very good performance and are definitely worth mentioning we noticed the authentic cowboy (who, as the film states, is not an usual cowboy) and the girl from the front desk who is a very bored teenager, wearing heavy make-up and, as you may already guessed, is chewing gum very loudly.

The script definitely gives characters the opportunity to stand out but, moreover, in the hands of Jose L. Reyes, this story becomes a well-directed short which will definitely get you entertained thanks to the set of ideas behind it that make it stand out from a crowd.

There are many elements that make this film worth watching: every image is carefully prepared, using angles that are in perfect rapport with the action as the over-the-shoulder shots manage to include the viewers into action. Also, the effect of some scenes is enhanced by the rhythmic background music and the jump cuts from the editing that constantly provide added-value to the tensioned western-wanna-be atmosphere.

Overall the film creates an unique experience, even if sometimes it seems that there are too many details at a clap or the rhythm is just to fast to be followed, it manages to cheer you up and keep you entertained till the end.

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