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directed by Sara Eustáquio

After her previous project "4242", the young director Sara Eustáquio comes back with a short film that has a very interesting approach and was very acclaimed and multi-awarded. The story unfolds in a bathroom where a young girl, possibly a teenager that looks obviously disturbed, is staring insistently at the mirror, hoping to find an answer to her problems. Suddenly, an unknown force seems to interfere with the girl’s conflicting range of emotions and everything gets an unexpected turn.

The beauty of this short film resides in how harmoniously it blends all the filmmaking techniques with a remarkable taste and subtlety. The story plays in a relatively simple manner, but manages to establish a very thoughtful and interesting narrative structure, carefully flowing from laughter to awe and solitude. Despite its short run-time of approximately 3 minutes, "Mirror" is a simple yet beautifully crafted short that manages to convey many emotions, quietly highlighting a teenager’s feelings while she’s struggling all by herself in a space where she seems not to find any other escape.

Also interesting, and very noticeable, is another category of the film’s underlying aspects. The settings are accompanied by the audio parts that masterfully complement the confined framework always being in a perfect rapport with the action. The choices of angles have an even greater impact when used in the alternative editing, especially calibrated with the use of special effects that fit the general theme of the film like a glove.

Highly non-conventional and metaphoric, it makes clever use of its symbols to create an uneasy yet tensioned atmosphere, ultimately characterizing the inevitability of death. The cinematography is neat, the score is suitable, the acting is very good - all in all this short has it all.

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