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directed by Michelle Grace

Michelle Grace’s "Chipped" follows two young girls that chose to walk into an average nail spa to "do their bit" for the refugee crisis. This film is nothing else than a short gag that manages to dismiss the prejudices between two different cultures, using an amusing approach.

In the search of pampering and wanting to make a little gossip, both customers and the nail technicians are preoccupied with their own conversations about various subjects that reveal some intimate details. Even if each group of friends speaks a different language, at some point in their stories seem to appear some similarities, but only the audience can understand and enjoy the both sides situation thanks to the subtitles. As the story progresses, things slowly start to be more and more alike, till an unexpected plot twist pops up when an apparently random guy enters the room and all our expectations receive a confirmation. The girls’ reactions are priceless and the story ends in a funny tone, leaving the viewers surprised and surely amused by the situation which the director Michelle Grace persuaded to create.

The film certainly does have its flaws. But it is very hard to concentrate on other things when the plot is so good and the details of the girls’ stories are so spicy. Even the music gives the storyline a playful vibe and it doesn’t have the pretentiousness of an artistic film.

"Chipped" is not just a tasty, entertaining comedy, but it can also be regarded as a satire about what happens in the nowadays society too. We believe that we’re all so different, having diverse backgrounds or physical features, but we forget that at the essence we’re all human beings and we tend to have the same desires, no matter what culture we’re coming from.

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