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directed by Alan Mehanna

Filmed in 4K with an iPhone and black edges square format (1:1), this short film tries to break away from the classical cinema rules and tell the story of a break up from a different perspective. A couple’s relationship seems to perish after many years full of ups and downs, reaching a turning point where they cope with the sins of their past and repressed feelings.

While the setting doesn’t exactly give a plus to the film’s atmosphere and it doesn’t excel nor technically or artistically, the dialogue is the key point of this short. Even though it’s not the happiest discussion of their lives and it doesn’t occur on a very happy moment either, this doesn’t turn into violence or an ocean of tears getting extremely dramatic in places. Instead, with the help of a warm soundtrack that really adds some value to the storytelling while connecting the scenes, the plot turns into a debate rather than a fight, as they both try to understand and to acknowledge their mistakes.

Amongst the themes the film carefully treats, the triumphant one is the powerful psychological core driving the story. Even the characters are less convincing at some points, the story unfolds gradually and the whole action would have gone on a different path if there wasn’t the calm and romantic mood enhanced by the nostalgic music. The visual part is good and the camera operations aim to describe characters indirectly but, as the film goes by, you can tell that it could have been improved a little bit at some parts where the video editing has pretty brutal cuts.

All in all, “Bedsheets & Cigarettes” is a short film with a mixture of hate, love and the search for truth that surely reaches to step out from the classical cinema effects and tells a dramatic story in a very dynamic way even without a whole truck full of film equipment.

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