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La Città Vuota - Out of the Blue

La Città Vuota - Out of the Blue


Fabrizio Fiore, Thomas Battista


A man wakes up and finds himself completely alone. His name is Faber, the only piece that still remains intact, beyond the abyss of decay and emptiness that devour him from all sides. This frame so frightening, which suddenly imprisons the dynamics of his existence, is all that we start from for a deep immersion in the complex architecture of this sudden and sprawling universe. Every step in the ruins of this interregnum will be imbued with an arcane silence, which seems to belong to the nightmare of a civilization extinct because of a very-old curse. As the places buried by the enchantment remain silent, at the same time sharp fragments of a single broken crystal reverberate, which every now and then accentuate their vibration, summing up in their echo an emotional form of an always different luminescence, unfolding in the story like tributaries full of impetuous currents. Tiredness and despair are suffocating him now, yet there is still something he wants to know and discover, between the last thread of makeup in the dark eyes of a waitress before getting off, and the magisterium of this tragic theater, haunted by dark and ghostly scenes. The only opposite and forbidden sense, in the feeble drift of a last trip, or phobic point of no return.








Soundtrack Award

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