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directed by Babis Galanakis

''I’ll ride with the horses/I’ll swim through the sea/I’ll climb to the mountain tops/Won’t you come follow me? '' - starting from this quote, the story unfolds in a pre-teenage boy’s bedroom, capturing a warm and joyful atmosphere where, as the title suggests, two boys are making plans for an adventure, having the map of Greece stretched on the floor. Starting from an apparently childish dream: traveling all around Greece after finishing school, relying just on the lunch money that they can save in a piggy bank, these two characters are a delight to watch as they strongly believe that nothing in this world can stand in front of their hopes and dreams. In addition, the effect of this first half of the story is enhanced by the music, making the audience hope for the best and curious about the journey of this two, whether is going to be about their childhood journey for saving money or the actual journey.

Instead, this short doesn’t quite follow the lead that was expected, showing that sometimes, in life, not everything goes as it was planned and these boys have to learn this from an early age. The fragmented narrative structure is further punctuated by the editing as well - quick alternations between beautiful shots of landscapes or buildings from all around Greece and the deep thoughts coming from the voice over. But as the story reaches the second half, a heavy atmosphere pops up: the weather becomes rainy and the viewers witness an unexpected plot twist.

In the end, this particular journey tells a great story with an overarching message about friendship and devotion. Being Babis Galanakis’s directorial debut, this film has its qualities and its flaws, but all in all it stands out as a proper short story with a meaningful end and that’s an important aspect for a first film.

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