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fall 2021


film competition results

Image by Kenny Luo


Califato ¾ · Fandangô de Carmen Porter

Califato ¾ · Fandangô de Carmen Porter

Shot in 16mm in Andalucia, Spain. October 2020. ​Director: NONO * Kinsale Sharks 2021: Best Cinematography * SECIME 2021: Best Music Video * Andalucia Film Awards (ASECAN) 2021: Best "Other Formats" * Berlin Commercial Festival 2021: Best Production Design * 17º HollyShorts 2021: Official Selection * Bolton Film Festival 2021: Official Selection * 25º Rhode Island Film Festival 2021: Semi-Finalist * 39º LE FIFA 2021 (Le Festival International du Film Sur l´Art, Canada): Official Selection * Cinema Suono 2021: Best film * 15th Best Music Videos of 2020 / Boooooooom TV * Seeyousound International Film Festival 2021: Official Selection * Roma Music Vide Awards 2021: Best Music Video * Fillum International Storical & Short Film Festival (FISSF): Official Selection * Nominated "Best Narrative"  Berlin Music Video Festival 2021 * Nominated Kinsale Sharks 2021 Best Music Video, Best Director, Best Concept, Scriptwriters: Curro Piqueras + NONO Production Company: Landia & Dude Originals Executive Producer: Nico Cabuche Producer: Julián Urrea, Sergio Yague Production Coordinator: Rubén Contreras 1AD: Álvaro Riesgo DoP: Michal Babinec 1AC: Bruno Gras 2AC: Pablo Ayala Steady-Cam Operator: Isais J. Saldaña  Art Director: Pilar Angulo AD Assistant: Elena Vallés ​Gaffer: Ángel López Electrics: Enrique Azzollini & Claudia Gallardo Stylist: Andrea Escudero MUA: Luz García Post-producer: Álvaro Monzón Colourist: Andrés Lopetegui Editor: Pablo Marchetto VFX Studio: Marfil Studio VFX Supervisor: Carlos S. Zaera VFX Composition: Joaquín J. Arroyo Sound Design Studio: Studio La Panadería Sound Design Ingenieer: Juanma del Saso Starring: Óscar Corrales, Cristina Domínguez and Alba López. Promo News: Director's Notes: Boooooooom TV: Beyond The Short: Film Shortage: Vein: Shots: LBBO: David Reviews: ​
Final Deathtination | Official Film

Final Deathtination | Official Film

Final Deathtination is an animated short film about a depressed man who is about to h/ang himself but then encounters Grim Reaper who is a "travel agent". Reaper tries to find the best place to end his life and together they go on a world tour. ニューヨークの小さなアパートの一室で自ら人生を終えようとするノーマンは、その直前に「トラベルエージェント」を名乗る死神と出会う。ノーマンのために最高の「最期の場所」を見つけようと張り切る死神に連れられて二人は世界へ旅に出るが...? Directed/Created by: Marika Tamura (Responsible for all aspects) Instagram: Website: Twitter: Composer: Daniel Markovich Sound Design: Sander Houtman, Nick van Noort Voice Actors: Arthur Tisseront, Dean Scheske Message from the creator (spoiler below!): ----------------------- While the film is a dark-comedy and explores the serious topic, I created this film to share the message that "as long as you are alive, you can find a new joy and purpose to live". Traveling is not possible for everyone. My intention is not to say that everyone should go outside and see the world to overcome your depression. For Norman, his new joy was traveling. However, it can be any small things in daily life that give you a little joy and hope. The same can be said for Grim Reaper in the film; we don't have someone like him who could come to save us. However, we all can be someone's support who will help them have that little positivity in their life. Thank you for watching my film! :) 重いテーマでありながらコメディという異色な作品ではありますが、この作品には"生きてさえいれば、いつか次の目的や楽しみを見つける時が必ず来る"というメッセージが込められています。作品に込められた意味を感じて頂けると嬉しいです。ご視聴ありがとうございます!
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