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Charlie Winston - The Weekend (Official Video)

Charlie Winston - The Weekend (Official Video)

Charlie Winston - The Weekend - Official Music Video Taken from forthcoming album SQUARE 1 Stream/Download here : Subscribe here : Director: Ian Roderick Gray Follow Charlie Winston: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Lyrics : Roll the window down Let the wind blow in Turn the volume up Let the rhythm kick in The week is out The day is done I’ve worked so damn hard Like a dog digging for bones in the backyard On the weekend we can Let our hair down to the Sound of summer and just dance On the weekend we can Let our hair down to the Sound of summer and just dance On the weekend we just dance If you can’t get down I’ve got a pick me up Gonna meet you at the bar Where we do that talk All the phones are lighting up All the faces lighting up Now the fire’s alight But I don’t know whether we’re gonna remember On the weekend we can Let our hair down to the Sound of summer and just dance On the weekend we can Let our hair down to the Sound of summer and just dance On the weekend we just dance All we need is rhythm I don’t need no reason Stop me if I’m making sense All we need is music Catch me if I lose it I don’t want to fall again On the weekend we can Let our hair down to the Sound of summer and just dance On the weekend we can Let our hair down to the Sound of summer and just dance On the weekend we just dance The Weekend - Cast & Crew Director: Ian Roderick Gray Producer: Adham Hunt for AFishant Records 1st AD: Alex Moffat 2nd AD: Amber Tordoff-Gibson 3rd AD: Lorine Piagnol DOP: Matthew Emvin Taylor Movi Operator: James Davis 1st AC / Focus Puller: Robin Webster 2nd AC / Clapper Loader: Jomar O’Meally Grip: David Reeves Video Operator: Robert Toft DIT: Chris Nunn Gaffer: Aaron Walters Sparks: Neil Hawkins, Stuart Mansell, Mark Joiner Light Desk Operator: Simon Willet Riggers: Erion Permaj, Damon Graham Sound Recordist and Playback: Christian Davis Costume Designer: Lucy Williams Lead Wardrobe Assistant: Claire Tremlett Wardrobe Assistant: Jules Hindess Wardrobe Electrics: Jim Rowlands Art Director: Alizé Speed Props and Build: Greg Hewitt, Sarah Daily, Zoe Parker Editor: Ian Roderick Gray Visual Effects: Squint VFX Dan Newlands: VFX Supervisor Jonathan Harris: Senior VFX Compositor VFX Compositors: George Antonopoulos, Ines Boneca, Rodolfo Zani Grade: Joseph Bicknel Post Production by CHEAT Sound Design: Edwin Matthews Hair and Make-up Designer: Jessica Kell Lead Hairdresser: Laura Szydlowski H&M assistants: Bobbie Ross, Jimmy Jones, Gabby Winwood, Amy Mclaughlin Runners and production assistants: Danny Rumbelow, Rebecca Murray Artist: Charlie Winston Choreographer: Bex Leung Dancers: Francesca Moffat, Cassie Macmillan, Cleo Jaegar, Jenny Stow, Lois Roberts, Alex Brown, Luke Field Wright, Adam Lyons, Oliver Wheeler, Justin Thomas-Verweij Tap Dancers: Crystal Hantig , Scott Coldwell Robot Dancers: Pierre Lafayette-Marsh , Chris Rowe, Adam Roberts Security Guard: Andy Gibbins Background: Sam Walker, Sophie Thomalla, Justin Stoneman, Dani Macintyre, Bruce Thomson, James Windsor, JR Moelter, Niamh Handley-Vaughn, Christopher Lane, Ingrid Gray, Allan Gray, William Barrat, Jim Rowlands, Oli Langford, Bryony Day Jessica Kell, Danny Rumbelow, Rebecca Murray, Jim Rowlands Thanks to: James Irwin and One Stop Films Chris Cowan and Panalux James Davis, Craig Potter, Ben Mitchell and Motion24 All at Squint VFX All at Cheat #Theweekend #Charliewinston #Square1 #shotdock #Squintvfx #Motion24 #Onestopfilms #panalux
Johnny and the Devil (Handsome Johnny) | Animated Music Video

Johnny and the Devil (Handsome Johnny) | Animated Music Video

Ready to hit the road and become a free soul again, Johnny has a tempting encounter with the Dival. Animated music video for Handsome Johnny's 'Johnny And The Devil'. Video by: Matty Jorissen & WanQing Wang ( Creative Producer: Wijnand Driessen Music by: Handsome Johnny ( Awards: Best Music Video - Västerås Filmfestival Best Music Video - Fixion Fest - Fantastic & Horror Film Festival Best Country Music Video - Audio Shoot International Music Video & Film Festival Best Music Video - Out Of The Can International Film Festival Best Music Video - Slumberjack Film Festival Best Music Video Animation - End Of Days Film Festival Best Titles, Graphics & Animation Award - Colorado Intl. Cannabis & Hemp Festival Best Animated Short - MystiCon Independent Film Festival Best Music Video - Magnolia Independent Film Festival 2nd Place ‘Best Music Video’ - Anim!Arte Film Festival Best Music Video Award - Yucca Valley Film Festival Best Music Video - Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival Runner-Up ‘Best Animation’ - Wasteland Film Festival You can also find this song on Spotify: Lyrics: When Johnny left ghost town His baby girl broke down She drowned herself in sorrow But Johnny he moved on Glad to feel alive And on the road again The Road of Endless Miles Where evil's in disguise Under the spell of the adventure Johnny didn't seem to notice That the night turned black as raven While the sky Had start to cry Torn and frail, left alone Babygirl cried and then she moaned While Johnny was getting stoned While Johnny faced the rain The devil was no his way He was riding with the wind And his sweet voice carried out "Johnny..." And it made Johnny feel all free again This strange voice feels like a long lost friend And the Prince of darkness came, stayed overnight Near Johnny's side The devil has plans with our Johnny Taste so good, sweeter than honey The boy's wasting his soul And the Devil said: Well boy don't you think twice I'll give you good advice You put your trust in me I am good company I'll get you richdom and success You'll never have to do with less And someday Johnny you can pay me back If you say yes No one heard what the devil had said But what he came for you can guess And Johnny? He said yes A day since Johnny left And already he's in debt And the Devil won't forget One day he will come back And catch Johnny by surprise With fiery flames in his eyes No bargain for salvation this time When the deals gone down Handsome Johnny looking for gold It didn't work out that's what I've been told Johnny will pay on judgement day Visit our various social media channels for more content: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website:
GONE trailer

GONE trailer

GONE Physical cinema by Helena Jónsdóttir and Vera Sölvadóttir. Performer Ingvar E. Sigurðsson. DP Bjarni Felix Orginal score Valgeir Sigurðsson. Editor Yves Bertrand. Sound edting Bart Jilesen and Helena Jónsdóttir Location Gljúfrasteinn Mosfellsdalur Iceland home of Halldór Kiljan Laxnes. - Full length 15.58 min GONE physical cinema. LISTEN, listen for something called “now”. You remember yesterday and unsure and even worried what will happen tomorrow, so why not being here instead of being there. If you are not there…yet, you maybe ask yourself “who is living your life”? We are not talking about what the society wants us to do, or seeking fame and fortune. Its more about being brave enough to live life creatively, finding the adventure in everyday life. Finding the creative place where many or even no-one else has ever been. Being who you are, presenting who you are are two different things. So the biggest courage is to live the life to the fullest, live the moment, in the moment, appreciating the everyday life and let dance be part of it. In dance you cannot lie. Be true to your self and take or make few moments in your live to dance, And remember, you are the perfect dancer. You don’t need the certificate to give you the license to dance. Somewhere there´s a score being kept, so you have an obligation to live life as well as you can, be as engaged as you can. So lets enjoy the moment, tomorrow will come….. anyway. Gone is a humorous little thriller that gives us an unusual insight into one man’s journey into dance of live. Who is he? What is he doing there? Past and present seems to be his friends. What if someone spent the day at your home in your absence? Would we ever know? A middle-aged man visits this place called “Gljúfrasteinn” a house on the outskirt of Reykjavik, where the novelist and the only Icelandic Nobel Prize winner, the writer Halldór Laxness lived with his wife Audur. A house that was known to be full of life… the people, the stories, the music and allot of dancing. “His mother taught him to sing. And when he had grown up and had listened to the world´s song, he felt that there could be no greater happiness than to return to her song. In her song dwelt the most precious and most incomprehensible dream of mankind”. Halldór Laxnes (Independent people 1934) MORE INFO ABOUT GONE


Only women with sons live in Higland. The grey concrete world is being ruled by a dictator, the Allmother. In the Highland there is one special rule: When boys turn fifteen, they must spend the rest of their lives in a work camp and serve the Highlands forever. Lea is the mother of fifteen-year-old Eddie and all his life they have been trying to get enough school points, so he could become a night man - the only profession in the camp that allows the boys to come in to the Highlands to work. In that way, the mothers can still be able to catch a glimpse of their sons, even though it’s from distance. One day a mysterious stranger offers Lea to help Eddie out of the eternal life in the camp, Lea is put in a dilemma: Should she keep him in the Highland or should she defy the system and let go of her son forever? Actors LEA: Biljana Stojkoska EDDIE: Justin Josh Geertsen LEVI: Bo Madvig ALLMOTHER: Christina Selden Director: Sif Lina Lambæk Producer: Melanie Dastmalchi Writer: Andrea Winding Director of Photography: Anthon Falkenstrøm Tougaard Editor: Jacob Fangel Løgstrup Production Designer: Petrine Clausen Sound Design: Jonathan Frans Kaiser Excecutive producer: Lotte Jakobsen Supervising Producer: Sune Wahl Casting: Astrid Faarup 1st AD: Pernille Hyllegaard Script superviser: Christian Ainsworth Steadicam operator: Kim Jensen 1AC: Mads Hoppe & Annemette Stræde Colorist: Pegasus Production / Morten Pelch & Theis Clausen DIT: Lasse Gudmand Gaffert: Sebastian Lyding Best boy: Troels B. Mikkelsen & Lasse Gudmand Composer: Henrik Koefod Petersen Sound design assistant: Hannah Zwennes Props: Frej Jensen Lead costume: Rebecca Sigaard Morris Costume: Yolanda Bluff Costume assistant: Sonia Chiappa & Nadja Sanimuinaq Hansen Make-up: Kristina Gjersen Make-up assistant: Clara Nielsen, AnneMette Albjerg, Leo Svabeklink Bergh Production manager: Josefine Borch Larsen Production Assistant: Signe Høiholm Fejer & Nathali Pilgaard Location manager: Henriette Varberg Extras coordinator: Jacob Thomas Pilgaard Runners: Cecilie Kudahl, Andreas Hartung & Ida Kenzie Lambæk Extra runner: Alexander Diatchikhine Equipment: Odense Filmværksted, MAAN Rental, Trust Rental Sound facilities: Københavns Filmværksted DCP: ACT3 / Isac Hessellund Music Composer: Henrik Kofoed Props: Frej Jensen Equipment: Odense Filmværksted, MAAN Rental, Trust rental,, Avis biludlejning, Pegasus Production, Københavns Filmværksted, ACT3
Like a Shadow in the Dark - Trailer
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