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Carlos Milite


"In a near future humanity has been forced to flee the Earth, a planet now uninhabitable due to wars and climatic turmoils. On the space station Explorer 7, Karen is now ready to deploy on the planet to complete an important mission: to find a plant which might regenerate Earth’s flora and restore mankind’s hope. Escorted by David’s advice, an AI that follows Karen in her journey she manages to reach the surface of the planet finding herself infront of a barren grey spread. Weakened by Earth’s plethora of adversities, the young scientist is forced to camp after few hours of exploration: in this difficult time she remembers all of the wonderful moments spent with her dad by the sea. Safe from the gusts of wind, she gets back on her journey and sees the disintegration of a dying tree, a scene very different from the one she saw in her memories where she recalled the beautiful walks she had with her father. Warned by the signals of an incoming storm David ill advises Karen to go further, but the explorer is stubborn, and deciding to pay no attention to her AI she gets caught by the storm debris.
With a severly damaged equipment she wakes up but there are no signs of the plant. After remembering the loss of her mother in a moment of sorrow, the researcher gathers her last strength to go back to her pod, but suddenly she witnesses a miracle: the plant flourishes in front of her with stunning rapidity. In a mixture between joy and bitter insight, Karen decides to sacrifice her personal oxygen to allow the plant’s survival and desperately tries to reach the extraction point. Near to her goal, she collapses to the ground almost dead recaling a peaceful moment with her father. Clutching the ampoule in which she collected the precious plant, she gazes collapsed skyscrapers before exhaling her last breath. 25 years after these events, the ships of the Explorer’s expedition head back to Earth, wich in the meantime it’s totally healed thanks to Karen’s ultimate sacrifice."








Soundtrack Award

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