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directed by Ignacio Redondo

At the first glance it may look like a motivational video, but soon you’ll discover that this short film it’s nothing like it. ''The Perfect Day'' tells the story of a man trapped between two main possibilities that can change his life in one way or another and the audience gets to see both of them. Every detail comes as a surprise and we will say this from the very beginning: this film has some attitude and you will certainly enjoy it down to the last detail!

It’s a big day for David, the main character, that may seal a deal that worths over $10.000.000 – a number that it’s hard to get lost in the details. Unfortunately, when he wakes up for real, he will realise that he’s not that lucky he might thought and maybe he will not get that New York promotion he was dreaming about.

No part of the storyline is a disappointment and our character seems to be part of a prank. The creator tries to screen a story about an alternative version of the reality, using the comic irony of the bad days that we all may interfere from time to time.

Pedro Freijeiro, who plays the main character, gives an outstanding performance and makes this short film a complete ensemble, along with the compelling cinematography and excellent editing. The score is suitable, perfectly supporting the plot, and it’s really difficult to find something to reproach to either the cast or the crew of this film.

When everything seems as if his day couldn’t get any more worse, the climax offers the most unexpected outcome. Made on a comedic tone, Ignacio Redondo does an amazing work and aims to create a very interesting story, serving up a completely fresh viewing experience for audiences. He crafted an intelligent and full of surprises film and it will be interesting to see where his next projects take him.

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