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directed by Frank Aron Gårdsø

This thirty minute short film tells the story of four friends that leave on a hiking trip into the deep midst of a forest. Out of nowhere, one of them accidentally loses his cellphone in a deep dark hole in the ground. Even if at first they don’t seem to care that much about taking back the lost cellphone, the hole becomes really intriguing and they decide to explore it, which leads to a series of dramatic events.

Starting from an apparently mundane premise, the director manages to create an authentic thriller atmosphere, slowly building up the tension with the help of the dramatic camera work while using unexpected plot twists. Moreover, right from the beginning the characters start talking about famous film references as Ring or The Blair Witch Project, preparing the audience for what they could expect to be a tremendous thriller.

Various shots and interesting growing intensity of the music establishes a sense of what is almost claustrophobia or the feeling that danger is at every step they take. This film is outstanding in terms of cinematography: playing with diverse techniques, close-ups and images shot from different angles, it creates an original and engaging film, as some turning points perfectly capture the feelings of these four characters, giving each of them enough screen-time to develop the story properly. The colorization is well used and it amplifies the meanings of the story, as this detail is strictly required to be in point when using a RED Camera that gives the original image a slightly grey color.

Frank Aron Gårdsø’s project is a thoughtful, well-constructed and intelligent film that manages to keep a constant tension giving you the thrills while watching it and leaving the audience with raised questions up for interpretation in the end.

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