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directed by Diana Ștefanescu

The story unfolds on a beach, where we meet the main character who is named in a very peculiar way - "Her". She wants to tell a story about the feeling of real love with all its consequences to individual evolution and psychology, bringing up sensitive subjects in a slightly different way. What will definitely capture the one’s attention from the first place is the way the image combines with the narration, giving the audience the feeling that they’re about to witness a confession, but not in an ordinary way. The director aims to share her most intimate thoughts being very open to the public, without any fear of judgement, obtaining a certain effect by shooting the film in an experimental manner.

The music underlines the character’s mood and contributes to the atmosphere, even if it’s not an outstanding one. The chose of monologue brings a plus for the structure and helps in developing the entire story which is strictly based on it.

However, at some point the voice-over becomes redundant and it’s really hard to follow the main character’s thoughts. They become more like a background and the audience tends to focus more on the image. On the other hand, the cinematography takes on a deeper meaning. The close-ups are used to reveal the intimacy of every situation and the POV shots make the audience experience the emotional perspective of Her. Every frame is structured in a way that it focuses the attention on different details. In some scenes, using animals like horses or snakes gives the story a more profound interpretation, each of them suggesting various feelings.

Diana Ștefănescu’s directorial debut it’s an interesting approach towards some sensitive subjects, illustrating a woman’s thoughts in a way that no one has done it before. Even if it has an enigmatic structure that doesn’t accomplish to keep you alert till the very ending, it’s still a good start and we encourage her to keep going on creating this kind of distinct dimensions and perspectives, because we feel like she has more to give and her directorial talent can bring up some skillful piece of film-making in the future.

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