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directed by Fabrice Bracq

The story opens with a young mother who is telling a story to her baby girl. In the manner of a fairy-tale with princes and princesses, she explains to her daughter how she met her husband ("her prince charming”), how they got married and what else came next. At a first glance, this short film seems to tell the story of a young woman in the shape of a warm and funny fairy-tale, instead, we discover that she is recording all of this, so that she would always remain in the memory of her daughter, as we find out that not every fairy-tale has a happy ending.


The first thing one will notice about this film is the editing inspired from the Kuleshov Effect: when the mother tells something funny, the next frame will show her daughter having a good laugh, so in the entire film we see quick alternations between shots, always showing the toddler’s reaction. Besides that, there are a lot of interesting visual effects that add a plus of value for the film in terms of story telling, like the game of shadows from some scenes that give the audience a mysterious and overwhelming feeling.

The cinematography is also on-point, from camera movement to DOP light choice and colorization. Another remarkable aspect of the film is how carefully the environment is arranged. None of the objects in the room feel out of place - everything has its carefully considered role and the great attention to details and the variety of filming techniques are key elements in developing the story.

The choice of monologue hence the voice over were definitely a good choice as the story is well written and the way she is telling it, always accompanied by the music that is a very essential element in the story telling, is very captivating and keeps the viewer’s interest till the end, also thanks to the enjoyable set of characters with very good written roles.

The beauty of this short film resides in how harmoniously all this elements blend in order to tell the story with its good & bad sides and how the fairy-tale tries to reflect the real life aspects of the story. It is a simple yet beautiful short and it will bring a tear in your eye.

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