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To whom it may concern


Manu Boyer


A timely film that is forthcoming about the daily battles surrounding mental illness. It reminds us that depression and suicide can touch anyone and is a battle you can lose or win depending on the support you have around you. The story follows Anna, a 30-year-old beautiful but emotionally dysfunctional bartender, who is planning her own death. When Rachel, Anna's neighbor, kicks her boyfriend Sam out of the apartment, Anna, who has a secret crush on Sam, comes to the rescue and lets him stay on her couch.

The two quickly develop a deep connection and Sam gently forces her out of her comfort zone and brings hope and trust back into her life. For the first time in years, Anna recognizes herself and can open her heart and maybe let go of the past while also letting go of the pain. But when Sam moves back in with Rachel, Anna decides to move forward with her plan.

Will their deep connection provide Sam the window he needs to see the signs and get to Anna in time before she moves forward with her original plan ?Will she choose to stay and fight for a new life that she has finally started to feel was possible?

To whom it may concern




United States




Feature / Drama

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