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From stress to happiness


Alejandro De grazia


"Alejandro is an ordinary man, as probably you and me. Like most of us he is in search of happiness, but he has reached that point where he under-stands that many of the decisions he made in his life, which seemed to bring him calm and satisfaction, only added stress and tiredness. He doesn't know, he doesn't understand how to change his way of thinking. He doesn't know what the path to happiness is.

In the year 2018 he has a unique opportunity: to travel in a very close way along a Buddhist monk who lived 50 years in the Himalayas and accompanied the most recognized masters of Tibetan Buddhism (Matthieu Ricard), an extraordinary Benedictine monk of 92 years (Brother David) and a prestigious neuroscientist who has studied the brain of Matthieu Ricard (Tania Singer), during their stays in Buenos Aires and the Argentinean Patagonia.

Alejandro's wife, is a cultural producer, and responsible for bringing Matthieu (who has been described by the international press as "the happiest man in the world" and is also a professional photographer) to give a lecture about altruism and happiness in Buenos Aires and to take him on a trek to take pictures of Mount Fitz Roy.

This is his opportunity to raise his hand and ask for help to redirect his life and understand the causes of Happiness.

Through his genuine humor, his brazenness and vulnerability, "The Path to Happiness" invites us to go hand in hand with Alejandro, letting him be the voice of the simplest yet most complex questions and listen to the answers of these extraordinary beings. Why am I stressed? What is meditation and what is it for? How to get out of anxiety? How to get out of fear? What does neuroscience have to say about it? What is the purpose of life? How do we develop a life of purpose? How do we build trust? What is the best way to make use of our life? And what are the questions that really make sense to ask ourselves?

This adventure is accompanied by memorable landscapes that are breath-taking and remind us of the essence of the transcendental and the simple. Perhaps we will begin to find answers. Between beautiful photography and music, Alejandro transforms himself and invites us to transform our-selves as well. Enjoy the journey."

From stress to happiness








Featurette / Documentary

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