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Clueso - Wie Versprochen


Dennis Schmelz


"I was invited to produce the new music video for the German musician "Clueso". What we usually do in a big team was kept deliberately small this time. For the new clip to "Wie Versprochen" we were only three people. Clueso (alias Thomas Hübner), Christopher Schmid and myself. The whole album ("Handgepäck") was wrote and recorded while traveling.

Clueso himself writes the following (quote):
"One of my most beautiful music videos is being released today. It's proof that you can do things by yourself. Beginning with the recordings of the song, to the production up to this audiovisual work. The video was only made by the three of us. Dennis Schmelz, Christopher Schmid and me. Dennis collected recordings for this little film for over a year and you can definitely see that. It's supposed to reflect the incredible number of trips I've taken all over the world, even the ones where the camera wasn't there and this incredibly beautiful feeling of being on the road, to be inspired by the wonderful places on this planet."

We spent three days of filming in South Tyrol. One of the highlights was the filming on the mighty Seceda rock face and the probably most famous Instagram spot: The Braies Lake. We were all at this magical place for the first time and are still totally enthusiastic about this beauty of nature. Of course, you never have such places solely to yourself, the spot is now known worldwide and totally overcrowded. Even before sunrise, dozens of photographers were cavorting in front of the boathouse directly at the lake. For the shooting we rented the boathouse and therefore had the great privilege to take pictures with a rowing boat all alone at sunrise.

Producer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor: Dennis Schmelz
Assistant & Still Photographer: Christopher Schmid
Title & Motion Design: Christian Fleischer & Julius Dürrfeld

Music: Clueso

Universal Music | 2018"

Clueso - Wie Versprochen








Music Video

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