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The Healer's Dream


Roxana Mares


short film

The Healer's Dream


Ayurveda is an ancient tradition of medicine that originated in India, with certain branches established and taught in Nepal. Various regions in Nepal, in particular the Kathmandu Valley, became centers of ancient knowledge where the medical and spiritual traditions of Ayurveda are being preserved.

Bishownath Karmacharya is a vaidya (Sanskrit: वैद्य), or Ayurvedic healer. In addition to the knowledge passed down from his grandfather, he has studied Ayurveda and Sanskrit since he was a young child. He has dedicated his entire life to the study of medicinal herbs and making Ayurvedic medicine to heal people. Now in his 90s, he is one of the few remaining Ayurvedic doctors of his generation and is determined to keep the tradition alive.

He is aware of and concerned about the many challenges that face this ancient medical tradition: the impact of climate change on the herbs, the greed of unethical practitioners, a general lack of knowledge and interest in the herbs, urban development and its impact on the herbs, lack of government funding, and apathy from the new generation.

It is his greatest wish to pass on his knowledge.




Canada, Nepal




Documentary, Short Film

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