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Du Peng, Jin Yunlin


The film short mammoth takes 18-year-old rebellious boy busey as the main character. After the college entrance examination, busey and his mother have differences on the issue of filling in the volunteer. Busey, who likes photography, has a lofty ideal of yearning for the stars and the sea in his heart. While accepting the superior and affluent growth environment of big cities, he is not willing to be bound in a warm and comfortable cage. After a quarrel with his mother about filling in the application form, busey resolutely chose to run away from home and embarked on the journey to Tibet alone in pursuit of the Milky way. Shen Min, 25, seems to be quite different from busey, but in fact, Shen Min had a rebellious youth similar to busey's in the early stage of the script. In the subsequent communication with busey, Shen Min also put down his obsession with his mother and the past and achieved self-development. The theme of this film also makes a specific explanation around the choice of life: there will always be a time when people are young and frivolous in their life, but sometimes we are too proud, just thinking about how to get rid of the shackles of our family, but we forget that we also have a weak and simple side, and forget that there are many beautiful things hidden in pride, so we will continue to be frustrated and hit by reality. Perhaps it's not necessary to wait until it's too late to understand the true meaning of life. The consideration and balance between pursuing dreams and returning home, and the collision between bondage and freedom are the necessary journey on our growth path.









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